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Release Date: 31. October

Year    :   2019
By    :   Slovakia
Slogan    :   Inspired by true events during the 1989 Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and Václav Havel’s controversial release of 21,000 prisoners.
Genre    :   conspiracy thriller
Time    :   130 min
Age    :   15+

AMNESTY captures a world controlled by StB, the Secret State Police in Czechoslovakia, where dissidents communicate through secret messages. A world in which people spy on members of their own families for personal gain while dreaming of freedom. The incredible Velvet Revolution of November 1989 sees the dawn of democracy and opens up new opportunities for everyone. But not all the inmates of the infamous Leopoldov Prison – many of them political hostages of the Communist establishment – are granted amnesty, and an explosion of emotions among those left inside develops into a full-blown riot. Prisoner Drahos Lupko, a reluctant hero, has to overcome enormous obstacles to fight for his rights. Surrounded by cruel, selfish and manipulative people – outside the prison walls as well – he rises to the challenge, determined to achieve a second chance in life.

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